Vinyl Siding Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Vinyl Siding Repairs You Can Do Yourself
You may have chosen vinyl siding for your home because it should last many years with a minimum of maintenance, but another benefit you may not be aware of is that many siding repairs are fairly simple and any homeowner with a little bit of DIY experience and a few tools can fix most problems. If you happened to save a box of siding from the initial installation, you may never have to call a siding contractor for repairs. Vinyl Siding Repairs Most Homeowners Can Do Most siding repairs involve removing or replacing one or more pieces of siding, and much of the time the only tools needed are a screwdriver and a hammer. If you anticipate removing and replacing a lot of siding, you might want to invest in a vinyl siding tool to lock and unlock the siding channels instead of using the screwdriver. Using these tools, a few nails, and any spare siding pieces you stashed away allows you to do repairs such as:
Replacing melted siding–If you just discovered that vinyl siding melts when a charcoal grill is too close, just remove the nails and pop the damaged piece off using your screwdriver. Cut a new piece from your spare siding and reverse the process.
Looking for a leak–Windows that aren’t flashed properly can eventually leak; pull the siding loose from around the window, repair the flashing, and reinstall the siding using your handy tools.
Loose or detached vinyl siding–If you have pieces of siding that came loose during a windstorm due to improper nailing, re-nail the siding piece taking care to hit solid framing, and use your screwdriver or siding tool to lock it into place.

Repairing many vinyl siding problems can be fairly simple and almost fun; you may even find yourself hoping for repairs so you can display your expertise.

Ryan Stinson is a freelance writer with general home improvement knowledge, and expertise in siding repair and installing vinyl siding.

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