Vinyl Siding Clinic: Solutions to Vinyl Siding Problems

Vinyl Siding Clinic: Solutions to Vinyl Siding Problems

Although vinyl siding is low maintenance, it may require simple repairs due to common, inevitable problems. These problems include durability, scratches, moisture, fading, and others which can occur over time. You can get rid of these problems as long as you know how to deal with them. Say goodbye to common vinyl problems by checking out these simple solutions, some of which you can apply yourself.

Durability If your house is located in an area that is prone to extreme weather, expect that your vinyl siding may be less durable. Wall panels can be easily lifted by strong winds which can cause dents on the siding. Thin vinyl siding can be easily damaged by hailstones and other debris such as tree branches. You can prevent this from happening by installing thick, high-quality vinyl siding. Proper installation is also important to ensure efficiency of the siding in the long run.

Scratches and Cracks After a few years, you may find cracks and scratches on your vinyl siding. These are commonly caused by debris, extreme temperature, precipitation, and carelessness when using a ladder. You can deal with cracks and scratches without replacing the entire siding. You only have to replace a single panel or two using a zipper tool.Moisture Vinyl siding acts as a moisture barrier to protect the house. While this can be beneficial, it can also be bad for the house if the vinyl siding is not properly installed. The vinyl siding will be damaged if water is not thoroughly drained. To prevent moisture build up, make sure the vinyl siding is properly installed. Check your siding as often as you can to see if there are loose sidings.

Fading This is the usual problem with thin, light-colored vinyl siding. It can easily fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. You can brighten up your faded vinyl siding by thorough cleaning and painting. Most types of vinyl siding Massachusetts homeowners prefer can be painted with water-based exterior latex paint that contains urethane.

Stains Even with regular maintenance, your vinyl siding can still be prone to stains and grime. Removing these from your vinyl siding is not too hard. You can have a stain-free siding by using stain removers such as bleach. Apply the diluted bleach on vinyl siding RI contractors can offer, let it set for a few minutes then rinse off using garden hose or power washer.

Holes Hailstones can puncture thin vinyl sidings. A punctured piece of vinyl siding can be replaced using utility knife and zip-tool. Make sure that the replacement vinyl siding RI contractors can offer has the same color with your existing siding.

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