Roofing Contractor Licenses

Roofing Contractor Licenses

When starting your own roofing services company you will need to ensure that you have a license to prove that you are licensed to work in roofing services as a roofer.  When looking at it make sure that it has not expired and that it was issued for the state in which they are working.  Most states have their own various requirements to obtain this license so you will need to check with your local government offices to find out the cost and what you need to do or have to get the license.  

There are some states that all they require is that you prove you have done work as a roofer and then pay the nominal fee of twenty-five dollars.  With this being the only requirement to getting a license it does not tell the homeowner or business owner if the person is a good or bad roofer, what type of work they do, how reputable they are, etc so if all your state requires is for the roofer to prove that they have worked as a roofer, make sure that you check out their references to see what previous customers have to say about their work.  

Also, in some states you can pay the nominal fee of thirty-five dollars to get a general contractor’s license and not apply specifically for the license stating you are a roofing contractor.  When you have a general contractor’s license it tells perspective customers that you can work as a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, etc but the customer does not know if you have any experience doing the work that the customer wants you to do or exactly which work you are qualified to do.  Again, if they offer the general contractor’s license you should also to see a folder of any roofing jobs they have done and references.  If you hire this person without seeing a portfolio of roofing jobs completed or references you may or may not get a shoddy roofing job done,

Other than to prove that you are a professional roofer and you take great confidence in your work and know that you can do a professional job, in many areas of the United States this is the only reason that you would get a roofing contractor license instead of just a general contractor’s license.  After checking their references make sure that if you do not live in the house where the roof is being put on you should make sure that you do spot checks to make sure the work is up to high professional standards.  One thing to remember is that with applying for and getting a roofing contractor license is stating that you have worked as a roofer but there are no tests or anything to check out their skills to see if they actually know what they are doing.  

Many people feel that because of no testing a roofer’s skills before getting a roofing contractor license they do not ask for a license but instead ask for references and a portfolio.

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