Roof Replacement Tips

Roof Replacement Tips

Replacing a roof can be a challenging project, but if you follow a few general guidelines it can be completed as smoothly as possible. If you have some knowledge of roofing, think about doing it yourself, but if your roof has a steep pitch or you don’t have any construction knowledge it would be wise to hire a contractor.

A primary concern to most homeowners is the issue of cost. There are a few things to take into consideration when thinking about the cost of a new roof. First, decide whether or not you want an entire roof replacement which includes the roof deck and shingles, or a standard replacement which entails replacing the felt paper and shingles. It’s usually not necessary to replace the roof deck unless there are weak spots or rot in the plywood of the deck. Consulting a contractor is the best way to determine if any of the deck needs to be replaced. The cost of a new roof varies based on the construction company being used, the materials needed for the roof, as well as the extent of the damage being repaired.

Secondly, decide what type of roofing you would like. There are two main types of roofing: shingles and metal roofing. There are also wood shakes, but even though they look nice they don’t last very long in dry, hot weather. Metal roofing lasts the longest, but may not be in the budget for some homeowners. Shingles work well in all weather and, depending on the warranty, are relatively inexpensive. The most popular type of shingles is architectural shingles. They cover very well and add a very nice multi-dimensional look to your roof. You can choose from many different colors and warranty years. It is very important to choose the type of shingle that suits your needs, in terms of both warranty and manufacturer. A warranty on shingles can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, so consider this when choosing materials.

Lastly, make sure to choose a qualified, experienced contractor. Finding the right contractor for your roof replacement is very important. You do not want to spend money on a roof replacement only to have it leak or detract from the overall look of the house, so look carefully at all available options. The right choice could easily mean the difference between a beautiful, functional new roof and complete disappointment. A good contractor should. They should be honest, experienced, and able to provide information such as design suggestions and estimates. Once you’ve formed a list of contractors, call them over to give you an estimate. Get to know them, ask questions and choose the best one for you.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to talk to your contractor about things you don’t like. Maintaining an open dialogue between contractor and client is an important part of any renovation or construction project. Communication guarantees a product that will satisfy or even exceed your expectations. A professional contractor can offer valuable suggestions or ideas, helping turn your vision for your home into a reality.

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