Roof Repair: How To Repair The Tiles

Roof Repair: How To Repair The Tiles

Roof repair is one of the commonly neglected aspects. Many home owners tend to realize the importance of roof repair only after the roof starts leaking. Repairing roof tiles forms an integral aspect of roof repair Peachtree City GA. Given are some steps in which you can repair the roof:

Roof Repair in Peachtree City GA: Guidelines for Repairing Tiles

Roofing Sealant

This is the first step to be followed while fixing the tiles. Apply roofing sealant beneath the cracked tiles. Ensure that you press the tiles down firmly. This can minimize the appearance of the crack. You will need to apply a lot of sealant on top of the crack. Smooth the sealant using a putty knife.

Remove Completely Cracked Tiles

It is better that you get rid of completely cracked tiles. Such tiles, which are beyond repair, cannot be fixed again. You will have to use a flat pry bar to remove the tile located above this damaged tile. It is recommended you seek help while carrying out this step.

Smash Damaged Tiles

Smash all the damaged roofing tiles using a hammer. However, ensure that you do not damage the adjacent tiles. Collect all the broken tile pieces and discard them as soon as possible. Clear away the debris as well.

Attach a Tile Clip

You will have to use a tile clip for keeping it in place. A tile clip can be purchased at a local hardware store. Ensure that the tile you purchase suits your tile make and type. You can also consult a roofing contractor and ask him or her to purchase tiles for you.

Insert a New Tile

You will then have to insert a new tile in place of the damaged tiles. Using a pry bar, pull out the tile so that the top tile slides exactly above the new tile. Call in roof repair contractors from Peachtree City GA, if you are uncomfortable with the DIY procedure.

Here are some of the guidelines that one must follow in order to find an affordable roofing contractor. Make sure you go through this article before hiring a contractor for your roofing Peachtree City GA needs.

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