On Getting and Understanding Roofing Estimates

On Getting and Understanding Roofing Estimates

For most homeowners, roofing projects may not be as simple as fixing chair a with a broken leg. It is more than the idea of going up the roof, tearing it off, and replacing it with a new one. You cannot even start the project right away, because you have to collect estimates first.

Roofing estimates or quotes are written statements offered by a roofer to a customer prior to any roofing project. Estimates are often free or charge and serve as a proposal for a customer who is looking for a roofer. A typical estimate may include the following details: complete list of materials and its prices, labor, duration of the work, and miscellaneous additional fees. Such details should be clearly indicated in the statement. If the customer finds any inconsistency in the estimate, the customer has the right to ask questions or even walk away from the deal.

Customers are strongly advised to collect at least three roofing estimates from reputable roofing companies. Roofing materials and pricing indicated in each estimate should be carefully read and compared with each other for a well-informed decision. Refrain from picking an estimate based on pricing. You should also consider the quality of work, because quality is what you are paying for. You may also try to negotiate over a fair price of materials which can lower the overall cost.

In obtaining an estimate, there are several questions you need to ask. Of course, you won’t just take a piece of paper from a Manchester NH roofing company and walk away, would you? The first question most homeowners ask is about the roofer’s identity. It’s like meeting a person whom you wanted to your friend for the first time. You need to get their name first and their address. These details usually indicate what kind of roofing projects they are capable of and how accessible their services can be.

The next thing you need to know when obtaining estimates is the company’s experience in the roofing industry. A Manchester NH roofing company with three years of experience may lack experience, but you have to double check by looking at the list of previous customers for reference. Inquire about their track of record. See if there are customer complaints filed against them in the recent years.

Aside from their experience, you may also inquire about the insurance that the company carries. Make sure that the company has at least a workman’s compensation insurance. If you want to have a safe and hassle-free roofing Manchester NH residents prefer, make sure the workers are insured before they could climb up your roof to work.


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