Need for Roof Replacement

Are you aware that roof is the most important part of your house? It not only protects you from rain, dust, etc. but also provides your home a gracious look. In order to get roof replacement done, you first need to evaluate its requirement. How this evaluation would be done? It will be done by considering several factors that are responsible for causing damage to the roof.

The need for replacement depends on factors that cause damage. The after effects of some factors might result in roof replacement while others demand only roof repair. Continuous assessment needs to be done either by the contractor or by you in order to decide whether the roof needs roof replacement or repairing. Do keep in mind always that roof might not last for a long time and will need replacement or repairing. Are you aware of the factors that cause harm to the roofs? Read on to find some of them.

Factors Causing Damage to Roofs
There are various factors that cause damage to the roof resulting in it replacement. The severity of damage decides how often the roof needs replacement or repairing. Weather related factors are described below:

Weather Factors
Some weather factors sometime cause a major damage to the roofs. They are:

Ultraviolet Rays
Asphalt roofing is more prone to get damaged by ultraviolet rays because hot temperature oxidize salts present in asphalt. Contact a roofing replacement contractor as soon as you see a crack in the asphalt roofing to get it fixed soon.

Natural Factors
Several natural factors also damage the roof. These are rain, snow and ice, wind, tornado and hurricanes. Rain water might seep down the roof if it is cracked due to harsh rains. Snow and ice both cause equal damage to the roof as if snow freezes then it may seep in it molten form under the roofing. Wind, tornado or hurricane might even totally rip off the roof, leaving you with no option other than going in for roof replacement.

Negligence Factor
You might suffer from a cost of your dear money which you might need to spend in repairing or replacing the roof if you neglect some important signs or damaging factors. You should never forget to properly maintain the roof. Proper maintenance is needed to roof safe. Also you should see to it that no moss or algae builds up. As algae retains moisture beneath it and causes the wood on the roof to rot. This needs to be taken all the more care if you live in a warm and moist climate.

When to get the roof replacement done?
Regular maintenance and the types of tiles are the factors on which it depends after how much time roof replacement needs to be done. The roof having a long life span get damaged less as compared to the ones having a short lifespan.

Types of Roofing Material
The extent of damage may be assessed from the type of roofing material as described below.

Asphalt Shingles
These are the most reasonably priced roofing material which also needs to be replaced soon. Time span of replacing these roofs may be any.

Wood Shingles
These are expensive. But it doesn’t needs often replacement. They have a long lifespan.

These metal roofing shingles are made from steel, aluminum, tin or copper. Price is based on the type of metal. They have much longer lifespan.

These are the most expensive roofing tiles. It has extremely long lifespan. These last in accordance with the home.

After going through the aforesaid information, you might know by now how often the roofing of your home needs to be replaced and what are the causes of damage to roofs. If you constantly keep a watch on the roofing replacement you may end up repairing or replacing them in time.

Roof replacement or repairing is as necessary as any other safety measure you undertake to keep your home safe. In order to avoid high cost on roofing change, you need to keep an eye on any change occurring on the roof like crack, development of algae or any such thing. For more information, please visit

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