Inside a Roofer?s Tool Box

Inside a Roofer?s Tool Box

Every professional has their own tools of the trade. IT specialists have their computers and software; basketball players have their shoes and balls and a roofer has his cutters and pliers. Without their proper tools, they cannot properly do their job. For roofers, here are five of the most important tools they use for their job.

A slate cutter is important because it easily cuts through thick shingles and slates. Measurements are important in a roofer’s job and constant adjustments need to be made. If a shingle is a foot too long, it will distort the aesthetic appeal of the house and even compromise the functionality. With a slate cutter, the roofer can easily snip it and form it until it is perfectly fit.

Hip runners are important for a roofer because it keeps the hips or corners of the roof in place. Roofs are not installed as a whole; they are pieced together and uncalculated mistakes may occur. When a roofer is done with one side of the roof, he must make sure that the next side is perfectly aligned with the last one. A hip runner keeps the line intact and can be adjusted according to the need of the roofer.

A tool which isn’t necessarily used for roofing bc installation, but for the roofer himself, the ridge bucket becomes a disposal bin for removed shingles and tiles. There are different types of ridge buckets but they essentially do the same job. Some have suctions that stick themselves to the roof so that they do not fall off if the roof is at an angle. Some ridge buckets are wedged so they can be firmly placed on the peak of the roof.

A Slater’s hammer is also an important tool because it combines three functions in one unit.  It has a hammer head, a small axe and a blade; all needed for various reasons in roofing Burnaby. These are mainly used when removing old shingles and tiles so that the roofer does not need to get other tools to do different jobs.

The seaming pliers are the last tool needed by roofers and are often seen in logos of roofing companies Vancouver. They function the same way as regular pliers do but they have a wider mouth so that they restrict shingles from slipping off when pulled. They have rigged teeth which creates more traction for easier removal.

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