Infrared Thermography Leak Detection and Roof Repair

Infrared Thermography Leak Detection and Roof Repair

Perhaps the reason many homeowners are hesitant about roof inspections is that the roofer might take the roof apart anyway and charge them for the repair. On the contrary, the charge is owed to the repairs on the leaks found. After all, the repairman often finds more leaks than the homeowner might suspect.

Many homeowners are relieved, however, that there is a new technology that is used for leak detection. Infrared thermography is actually an older technique than many people might realize, but it has been used for roof leak detection only recently. Infrared thermography—or more accurately, thermal imaging—has been used for biological scanning and criminal and paranormal investigations.

More recently, it has been used to detect defects in infrastructures. Using infrared light, the device can find flaws within the construction of masonry, piping, or roofing. This is normally done indoors at room temperature for effective scanning. When used to inspect roofs, scanning is performed immediately after sunset when the roof is free from water and moisture.

Infrared thermal imaging can make an image based on contrasts in temperature in matter. This way, it can also detect textures and find irregularities in architectural structures. This is specially useful for roofing in Toronto  because leaks have irregular temperatures going in and out of them. Warm air can come out while water can be seen seeping in or creeping through the fibers in the organic material of the roof.

Water and air leaks can have effects on the roofing material too. Thermal imaging can detect irregular textures from these leaks. For example, roofing repair Toronto companies can find cool areas where the moisture has seeped into the shingles. These might also appear as warm points if done in the evening because liquid tends to cool down more slowly than solids.

Roofing repair Toronto companies can also use the technology in detecting damages on chimneys, skylights, and gutters and downspouts. Using infrared thermal imaging is a preventive measure that detects such damages before they can get worse. Homeowners are advised to avail of infrared scanning for their roofs every year or so.

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