California Roofing Contractors For Your Major Roofing Repair

California Roofing Contractors For Your Major Roofing Repair

There is water stain on your ceiling. This is a sure sign of a leaking roof. You decide to forego of repairs, after all it is just a “small” leak. Wrong! That leak could just be the tip of the iceberg. The insulation and sub-structure of your roof may already be in peril. Since water has already penetrated your dwelling, it is best to contact California roofing contractors for repair.

The Do-it-yourself Option

Unfortunately, the leak came at a wrong time. You do not have sufficient budget. So what is the cheapest alternative? If you have the knowhow and the tools, then do-it-yourself may be in order.

This will necessitate climbing your roof and doing thorough inspection. If there is a broken, missing, or curled shingle, then it may be the culprit. This necessitates minor repair or replacement. Clogged downspouts need simple cleaning to allow the free flow of rainwater.

If you have been checking your roof regularly, these could have been alleviated and the resulting leak prevented. So from now on, do regular checking. This should be done more often if your house sits under a tree, which is likely to dump leaves and debris on your roof. Also make it a point to check after every storm.

But what if the inspection reveals no apparent damage? Or if the water seepage has destroyed a large chunk of your roofing insulation, and a major repair is in order? Then you have no choice but to contact California roofing contractors.

Where to Get a List of Contractors

If you can get referrals from your relatives and friends, that would be ideal. If you are old-school, you may look it up in the Yellow Pages. But for speed and convenience, an internet search is in order. Check out the roofing contractors in your vicinity, request for a site inspection, and ask for a quotation.

There are internet sites which upon filling up a form will allow you to touch base with up to four licensed roofing contractors within your vicinity. It is now a matter of checking their qualifications, credentials, and of course the cost.

Choosing the Right Contractor

There are a lot of sad stories about roofing contractors charging exorbitant fees, not completing the job, or using sub-standard materials which do not last. And for sure you do not want to be victimized by these. For this reason, choosing the right California roofing contractors is important.

Generally speaking, there are three things to look into:

1. The qualification of the contractor. Is he licensed? Especially in the state of California, this is a requirement.

2. Does he have the necessary resources to complete the job? Oftentimes, special equipment is required. Skilled manpower is also necessary. Does he have access to these?

3. Consider his track record. Are his previous clients happy with his performance?

4. Is his quotation reasonable?

The roof is a very important part of your dwelling. It is your first line of defense against the elements, and should always be kept in top condition. In the event that major repair or replacement is necessary, contact California or Georgia roofers.


If you need help with your roof repair, log on to . It will provide you with a list of California roofing contractors as well as Georgia roofers. In fact you can have up to four roofers contact you just by filling out a form provided in the site.

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