Calgary Roof Repair For Leaks On Flat Roof

Calgary Roof Repair For Leaks On Flat Roof

There are lots of types of roofs that a house can be designed with. The most usual type is the ridged roof, composed of a sheet made of different materials and laid on an inclined rafter. This is the most practical type of roof while it has sufficient slope to catch and release precipitation. These are common to most residential houses but are rare among skyscrapers and slab-ended buildings.

However, there are buildings and houses that have flat roofing design. This type of roof has no proven benefits over the typical ridged type and is even vulnerable to collection of precipitation. They only use this type of roof for architectural purposes. Because it is relatively flat, there is a small chance of water to freely slide through the slope and escape when there is ice formation blocking alongside eaves.

Houses with flat roofs are prone to leaks during rain. This is a major problem unless immediately repaired. In cities like Calgary, there are roof repair companies that offer adequate roof repair methods that can be applied for various cases including leaks on a flat roof. However, roof repair method for flat roofs includes the following steps that can be done by the owner of the house without the help of a professional.

If the leak on the roof has been there for a couple of days, then the source is already easy to trace. Before going up on the roof, make sure that all materials needed are in your kit so that you wont have to go back down. Usual materials include hammer, asphalt roof cement, propane torch with flame-spreader nozzle, goggles, trowel, utility knife and clean rags. Calgary roof repair experts would advise 6d galvanized roofing nails to be used.

Flat roofs are usually made of paper tar and felt which may form blisters that can start the leak. Splice to open the blister and trace the damaged surface. Use the propane torch with flame-spreader nozzle to dry off the surface not dried by rags. Calgary roof repair experts suggest careful use of this equipment.

Put cement beneath the edges of the blistered surface and press down around the corners to fill up voids. Most Calgary roof repair methods include using 6d galvanized roofing nails for securing edges and advise complete cement coating including the nail heads.

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