Bw Consultants

Bw Consultants
Every company that collects and processes a lot of information needs to know about Business Information Warehouse from SAP. BW is the best way to put all of your organization’s information into one easy to access database that everybody can use.

In today’s economy executives and other decision makers need the latest information at their fingertips as soon as it is collected. Unfortunately, many companies simply don’t have the tools to do this. The data is available but people working in the same building or even the same office may have no way to access it.

Why You Need BW
If these scenarios are familiar happenings at your company you need Business Information Warehouse:

A sales executive may need figures on the latest cost estimates but they aren’t available. Instead of selling the executive ends up spending her day on the phone calling around to see who has the figures and how she can get them.

Accounting needs copies of expense reports and invoices to close the books but they’re nowhere to be found. Instead of closing the books, accountants and other highly paid staff have to waste their time looking through file cabinets to find a few documents.

BW can eliminate these situations and make life easier for everybody in the office. All of the organization’s data can be organized and available to everybody who needs it. Mounds of paper files, rows of file cabinets and other expenses can be eliminated.

Warehouse can also help your organization become Sarbannes Oxley (SOX) compliant. SOX is a federal law that requires publicly traded companies to have copies of almost all financial and accounting documents available at all times. Executives and accountants can be prosecuted and even go to prison if they don’t have those documents ready for auditors.

How to Get Business Information Warehouse
The way to take advantage of Business Information Warehouse is to have a SAP BW Consultant come in and assess your organization’s needs. The consultant can see what you need and how to implement the solution.

A top notch BW consultant like those at Premiere SAP Consultants can help a company install Warehouse virtually. This can save money, reduce time and hassle and get the new program up and running in a fraction of the time.

Best of all the consultant can show an organization how to use SAP warehouse to save vast amounts of time and money. Companies have cut the time it takes to perform basic accounting tasks such as closing the books in half with warehouse. They have also cut accounting expenses by as much as 60%. These savings can easily be replicated in other departments.

Karen Simpson is an MBA who has worked in accounting, finance, and information technology for many years. She is an expert of the use of financial and accounting software in medium and large sized organizations.

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