A Checklist for Roofing Costs

A Checklist for Roofing Costs

Repair costs are expensive, believe me or not. I spend from hundreds to several thousands of dollars because I was late in repairing our roofs and it was badly damage that we have no options but to replace the whole lot. It is one of the things that I learned are essentials and should be deal with, in the earliest time possible. Procrastinating in replacing your roof and worrying about roofing cost will eventually end up making you pay more than what you expected.

Therefore, before you go and have a professional do the job, consider doing a checklist of the estimated roofing costs which will help you make a final decision, as a simple job like replacing a few tiles can easily be handle by yourself or a good neighbor.

In doing a checklist, first list down all the conditions that you take note of when you inspect your roof. Things like materials used – it can be metal, asphalt, asbestos or concrete. If you just move in talked with the previous owners as to what kind of renovations they made in the house. Ideally, a former owner knows more about the house, would be very helpful in your data gathering, and would be glad that you are willing to take care of their previous home.

It is also important to take note of the weather of the place if you are new or recently relocated on the area. Cyclone or hurricane prone areas needed durable materials, which can withstand the winds, and would likely increase the roofing cost as the materials are specialized and made to withstand such weather conditions.

Another thing to consider is the size of the roof that is for renovation. Big-scaled ones, like, corporate buildings cost more as the estimates includes the safety of the workers who will be renovating the rooftop. Another thing is the location of your home or office. If you are contracting a professional company, the client usually shoulders transportation cost especially if they live in suburban areas or hard to reach places. This would increase the roofing cost to about 10 to 20% of the total estimated cost.

The conditions of the roof is also important to consider as one can save money by inspecting parts of the roofs, tiles with few cracks can still be used for one season before being replace. Another option is replacing the tiles with solar panel ones. Although installing the solar panel ones are still expensive today, the benefit that one will gain is greater and will offset the cost in two to three years. Solar panel roofs will help lower your electricity bills and at the same time, you can sell electricity to your electric company.

Whatever you decide on, remember to look and consult your checklist about roofing cost from time to time. Knowing the estimated total cost of roof will help you bargain with service providers should you require a professional service. This will also help you save funds that you can put on to other home repair cost.

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