5 Common Residential Roofing Materials

5 Common Residential Roofing Materials

Is the house you are buying in need of reroofing services? If yes, do not just call a contractor and leave the task to him. Take part in reroofing your new home by picking the right construction materials. Residential roofing in Surrey is usually made out of any of any of these materials: slate, asphalt, metal, wood and tile.

Do not be nervous if it is your first time to canvass for roofing materials. The task becomes easy when you familiarize yourself with the characteristics the five common materials. The characteristics mentioned here are based on longevity, aesthetics and price.

Slate is considered high-end residential roofing, and it is known for two things: longevity and aesthetics. Its longevity can be attributed to slate’s natural weight. Since slate is heavy, it allows the material to endure different kinds of climate conditions. The downside of slate roofing is its price: Aside from the value of materials, you also have to deal with the expensive price of labor. Slate reroofing needs to be done by experts since it requires special installation. Slate very strong when it meets weather conditions; but the material is fragile when handled by workers.

Asphalt is a very popular roofing material known for giving houses a thatched appearance. Unlike slate, this kind of residential roofing is very cheap. Asphalt is perhaps the cheapest material for roofing, which is why many homeowners choose it. Moreover, the labor involved in asphalt roofing is inexpensive. When it comes to aesthetics and longevity, asphalt roofing comes in different colors and is expected to last about three decades.

Metal roofing is often available in different colors. Like slate, metal is very promising when it comes to longevity: This material can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Like slate, the downside of metal roofing New Westminster is its price.

Wood should be the roofing material of choice if the house you are buying has a classic or ancestral feel to it. Wood always looks elegant; however, like slate and metal, this material is also expensive and difficult to install. The latter is due to the other processes needed to make the wood last. One example is the fire-retardant treatment, which makes your wooden roofing less combustible.

Regarding tile, this material is perhaps the most elegant-looking of the five. The problem with tile roofing Richmond is you cannot count on its longevity: Tile is only compatible with houses in dry areas; too much weight can crush it, and it is also very expensive.

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